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Advantage Betting Systems

We have already mentioned that not only basic strategy can help you improve the game but also other betting systems and techniques. There is a great number of various gaming systems aimed to influence the play and increase the player's edge. Nevertheless, most of them are not proven ones and are only the way to make money. Many tricksters try to sell winning systems that may help not to lose much. The gambling fans really can buy such systems but eventually it turns out that they don't work. We would like to teach you gamble smartly that's why we provide you with the list of the most trustworthy gambling systems used by millions of players around the world and help to play slot games, online roulette and download blackjack systematically unlike the fake ones.

Betting systems fall into two main groups: positive and negative progression. In fact these are completely opposite strategies that are based on reverse principle of betting. Positive progression betting system states that the player is to raise the betting amount when he wins. According to Negative progression system, the gambler must increase the wager every time he loses the bet.

Martingale Betting System

According to this negative progression system, after each win the player preserve his winnings and wagers the initial amount of chips. And when the player loses, he should double his bet. Such actions must be followed regardless how many times the player loses or wins. Martingale System is usually applied at the roulette table because it is quite useful in case of even money bets for instance red/black or even/odd bets in roulette.

D'Alenbert Betting System

D'Alenbert System is one more negative progression system which states that the player has to raise the bet by one unit (one chip or any sum of money) if he loses and decrease the bet by one unit in case he wins the bet. This betting strategy, that is believed to be invented by French mathematician d'Alembert, is similar to Martingale system but is less aggressive. Both these systems allow the gambler to avoid losing money from his bankroll after the winning streak.

Paroli Betting System

This is positive progression gambling system that is opposite to the mentioned above. Paroli system states that the gambler must increase his original bet after he wins and lower it after he loses. According to the players who used Paroli betting system, it is not very good because it may really help to win good money if you are lucky. In all other gambling situations it fails.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

According to 1-3-2-6 System the gambler has to follow the special pattern when making the bets. So, first the player bets 1 unit, and then raises the bet to 3 units. In the following round the gambler bets 2 units and finally raises the bet to 6 units. Then this betting pattern must be repeated again. This betting system is based on the idea that the player surely wins after every four bets.

If somebody tries to sell you any strange gambling strategy and swears that it is absolutely effective, don't trust him. You should understand that in case such system was available, all the gambling venues would lose great sums constantly. This never happens and all the casinos always have the advantage over the players.

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