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Problem Gambling

Gambling is not only fun but also can turn into the real problem for players. Problem gaming is defined as the inability to quit gambling that leads to serious psychological problems and social aspects. This means that gambling addiction is like any other addiction, such as, alcohol or nicotine one. Addicted players are obsessed with casino gambling and they are not able to oppose the wish to gamble. According to the study made by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, nowadays almost two millions of American residents suffer from gambling addiction. And it should be mentioned that when we speak of problem gambling, we consider ground-based gambling and online casinos. According to the American Psychological Association, about 75% of online players are addicted.

It was estimated that the gamblers who prefer electronic machines have more chances to get addicted to gambling compared to those who prefer to play classic table games. Moreover, slots and video poker fans risk to become addicted earlier than the players who prefer to play blackjack, roulette download games and poker.

As it was just said, Internet players are also vulnerable to gambling addiction and, to be honest, online gambling is even more serious. Really the players can easily dissemble from their friends and relatives that they gamble on the web. Furthermore, most of the Internet gaming establishments can not prevent teens from gambling and as these days youngsters spend much time on the Net the number of young people addicted to gambling grows rapidly.

The basic problem is that problem gamblers and their relatives are not able to recognize this problem in time. The main symptoms of gambling addiction is that the gambler always thinks about gambling and can recollect the details from his gambling practice and gameplay results. Some gamblers escape from the real world and cannot notice anything around them just gambling. In case the gambler decides to stop, he feels badly, and we are not speaking only about mental but also physical well-being. Gambling addiction also leads to lying, money wasting and even causes illegal activities. If any of the mentioned symptoms occurred, it means that the gambler needs treatment.

Gambling addiction is the most important problem now that needs much attention. That's why we advise you to gamble reasonably and bear in mind that gambling abuse can lead to addiction. These days there are multiple programs carried by numerous organizations that help gamblers from over the globe to recover from disease. Some of the casinos also use various techniques to ban teenagers from Internet gaming and thus to reduce addiction.

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